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The StayUp Float Company – Flaunting Flotation!


The StayUp Float Company was born out of the requirement for a specialist float manufacturer in the classic automotive industry. Most classic vehicle fuel systems use a floating device to shut off fuel flow to the engine. With the recent addition of ethanol to modern fuels, older plastic floats were beginning to show signs of fatigue and in some cases failing altogether.


A StayUp float is the result of several years of development and testing, culminating in a float that is ethanol resistant, puncture proof and adaptable to your needs.


StayUp floats have been successfully used for many years in several fuel system environments, most notably as a carburettor float in SU and AMAL systems.


The StayUp Float Company are happy to discuss your float requirements. A full design and prototype facility is available. Just contact us for more information.

We are by no means limited to fuel systems floats. Other floats can be catered for, such as printer floats, oil floats, water floats, safety floats, fishing floats, adjustable floats, square floats, fuel floats, solid floats, testing floats, balancing floats and a whole lot more. A StayUp float will commonly replace a number of different floats including brass floats, steel floats, aluminium floats, plastic floats, foam floats, resin floats, cork floats, wooden floats.... the list goes on!

How can I contact you to discuss my needs?

You can contact us via email at info@stayupfloats.co.uk, by telephone on 00 44 (0)1722 412 500, by Fax on 00 44 (0)1722 334 221 or by traditional mail to our business address. We are open Monday - Thursday (08:45 - 17:15 GMT), Friday (08:45 - 16:30 GMT) and close for the weekends. (Please note: Web orders can be placed 24/7 365 days a year but will not be processed until our opening hours resume).

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